Snowmobiling has been a popular sport in Greater Sudbury for more than 30 years...

Snowmobiling has been a popular sport in Greater Sudbury for more than 30 years and the expansion of the organized trail systems is a result of hard work and dedication by the Sudbury Trail Plan with more than 1,000 km of trails to offer. Experience outstanding scenic vistas, fresh snow falls and well-groomed trails by checking out one (or all 3) of these Loop tours!


Why You’ll Love it
This exciting loop travels through the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, one of Ontario’s largest growth forests, showcasing
colossal red pines that are well over 200 years old.

Don't Miss

Check out the scenic lookout from the top of Wolf Mountain, which offers fantastic views of majestic lakes and Ishpatina
Ridge, the highest point in Ontario at 693m.

Stop for a Bite
Enjoy a hearty meal at Rocky's on the shores of Lake Wahnapitae.


Why You’ll Love it
Travel through the rugged and rounded rocks of the Laurentian Highlands and Boreal Forest, on a loop that is rich in
history and wildlife sightings.

Don’t Miss
Along the loop lies the abandoned sawmill town of Sellwood, which rose to a population of over 1500 before becoming
a ghost town in 1930 and closed for good in 1978.

Stop for a Bite
When hunger hits stop in a the Windy Lake Motel Restaurant to satisfy your hunger and top up your fuel.


Why You’ll Love it
The loop covers some of the most diverse riding in the area including old rail lines, winding bush trails, old logging roads,
fields and lakes.

Don’t Miss
Get up close to incredible scenic vistas in Killarney Park with its abundance of wildlife and along the LaCloche Mountains,
a range of ancient quartzite mountains in Northern Ontario, on the northern shore of Lake Huron.

Stop for a Bite

Take a break from the cold and warm up with hot eats at the Killarney Bay Inn.

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