Sudbury is the most popular shopping destination in all of Northeastern Ontario, and with malls, box stores, outlets, and local shops, it’s easy to see why!

If you don't have a Costco in your area, we’ve got you covered! Looking for unique gift ideas? Head Downtown Sudbury! No matter where you look, there will be a shopping opportunity.

One of the best places to shop is the New Sudbury Shopping Centre where they invite visitors to “Be Our Guest”! With a spacious food court featuring flavours from around the world, local arts and culture displays, and special events/promotions throughout the year, you are sure to feel immersed in the world of shopping.

There are over 100 stores and businesses in the New Sudbury Shopping Centre, providing you with everything from fashion and food to electronics and accessories. Some of the stores you will find include Pandora, Mountain Warehouse, David’s Tea, Roots, Eclipse, Laura Secord, Green Earth, and Bath & Body Works. Check out the complete listing of shops at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre, and any other information you need on promotions and events here.

You don’t need an excuse to spend the day shopping, but we have one for you anyways!

The Holiday Inn Sudbury and Hampton Inn Sudbury have partnered with the New Sudbury Shopping Centre to offer the Anyday Getaway package. This includes a $25 gift certificate to the Shopping Centre to add a fun filled shopping excursion to your stay!

Whether you need essentials or are looking for something unique and stylish, you will find it in Sudbury, the regional shopping hub in the North.

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