Dynamic Earth has some spooky treats for families this Halloween! If you’re looking for some festive fun, head over to Dynamic Earth! Halloween Fun for the entire family at Dynamic Earth ~ Definitely an evening to remember!

The home of the Big Nickel presents a slew of activities for families to enjoy, including Halloween Treats, Tunnel of Terror, Family Fun Halloween Activities, and Pumpkinferno.

With Halloween fast approaching, we got to experience Halloween fun for the entire family at Dynamic Earth! Little One and I went on a girls’ weekend with my friend and her daughter. We made sure to check out Dynamic Earth’s #DEHalloween and Pumpkinferno.

We were fortunate to be invited to check out the Halloween fun for the entire family at Dynamic Earth! Thanks, Sudbury Tourism! We would have never known about this spectacular (or should I say spooktacular?) event! So glad Sudbury Tourism recommended it! I am always on the look out for places to visit, things to do, and places to dine! This is definitely a stellar experience for the entire family.

Family Fun Halloween Activities
All ages. 5pm to 11pm.

Feast on creepy crawlies at Dynamic Earth’s Bug Bistro! Will you be tempted by BBQ Crickets and Sea Salt & Pepper Meal Worms? I am embarrassed to say that I chickened out! To my great surprise, my 7 year old was ready and willing to sample what was offered at the Bug Bistro! Little One said it wasn’t weird at all! Not the reaction I had anticipated!

My friend and her daughter tried the crickets, and they said they tasted like BBQ spices.

Brave girls. Everyone (except me) tried the crickets and meal worms!

More family favourites include face painting, family haunted house, and spooky storytelling.

I was really impressed with the face painting! Little One requested a bat, and it turned out really well!

Visitors can also enjoy Spooky Animal Shows sponsored by Lockerby Animal Hospital.

If you’re interested in learning about animals that are mysterious and misunderstood, the shows help dispel myths and misconceptions, so you don’t fear them if you come across them up close.

Atlas Copco Theatre - Show Schedule

6pm – Animals That Give Us The Creeps!

7pm – A Very Batty Show

8pm – A Very Batty Show

9pm – Animals That Give Us The Creeps!

Tunnel of Terror

I was REALLY excited about the Tunnel of Terror! We had our tickets in hand, and we were all set to go! However, as soon as we were in the foyer, ready to go underground, Little One got scared and decided she didn’t want to go down the Tunnel of Terror. I didn’t force her to go, and was sad to miss out. We just checked out all the fun activities at Dynamic Earth while our friends went down the Tunnel of Terror!

From 5pm to 11pm, visitors ages 12+ can partake in Canada’s only underground experience located seven storeys below the Earth’s surface.

My friend and her daughter said it was exciting, fun, and really well-done! Perhaps next year, Little One will want to go with me!


All ages. 7pm - 11pm.

We had no idea what to expect, and I can say that we were blown away. As soon as we stepped outdoors we were greeted with this display...

Over five thousand hand-carved pumpkins make up the enchanting outdoor award-winning exhibit by Upper Canada Village. The unique sets (eighteen to be exact) are made entirely of individual fibre pumpkins!

My absolute favourite display. The details are so intricate!

A magical evening

Definitely a feast for the eyes. We were all in awe.

The display below had a very Tim Burton-esque feel to me.

Had to include the photo above, as I very rarely take selfies!

The Copper Cauldron

End the evening with a stop at the Copper Cauldron. The Copper Cauldron is open outdoors for all your favourite Fall snack. Warm up with a hot beverage or satisfy your sweet tooth with a special Halloween treat. My friend and I enjoyed some hot apple cider. Perfect on a cool Fall evening! Little One got a S'mores kit and toasted her marshmallow over the pit, while her friend had a "spider dog". What fun! I mean, what kid doesn't love roasting a giant hot dog over a flame? The hot dogs were sliced so that when they cooked they looked like spiders with creepy crawly legs!

Make sure to bring some change, because there are all kinds of treats to enjoy. “Spider dogs” and S’mores kits are available for purchase. Lots of fun roasting them over the fire! Kids, make sure to get your parents’ help roasting your Spider dogs and marshmallows over the flame. Parents, hot apple cider and hot chocolate are available for purchase as well! This really adds to the festive feel.

The evening also happened to be a bit breezy, so it felt really Halloween-y with the autumnal breeze and billowing smoke from the fire pits! Very eerie and quite fitting! It was perfect!

The Big Nickel was all lit up for Halloween. The last display was a conversation starter for many. The evolution of man and time made for some food for thought.

Want a night for the family to remember? Enjoy some Halloween Fun for the Entire Family at Dynamic Earth!

Dynamic Earth Halloween and Pumpkinferno are definitely at the top of our list for things to see and do with the family in Sudbury! A MUST-SEE for families in the North! This is definitely an event I hope my family (and friends) will be able to see each year! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My seven year old says she gives the event “Two thumbs up, and a foot”!

Dates and Hours of Operation

Every Friday – Sunday
October 7 – 30

Tunnel of Terror 5 – 11p.m.

Pumpkinferno 7 – 11p.m.

Family Fun Activities 5 – 11p.m.


For Full Ticket (Pumpkinferno, Tunnel of Terror, and Family Fun Activities) it’s $15 general public and $12 for members.

Pumpkinferno and Family Fun Activities, $10 general public and $8 for members.

Tunnel of Terror and Family Fun Activities, $10 general public and $8 for members.

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Disclosure – This post was written in collaboration with Sudbury Tourism. All thoughts and opinions on this blog are honest and my own.

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