By Laura Gregorini

Sudbury’s restaurant scene has exploded in the last decade, a reflection of the city’s cultural diversity and appetite for delicious and unique cuisine.

Venture off the beaten path and find some of these hidden gems in unexpected neighbourhoods like the Donovan. Not only one of the city’s oldest sections, it’s home to Tucos Taco Lounge which serves authentic Mexican and Central American cuisine as vinyl records spin and décor creates the feeling of being in a spaghetti western.

In the city’s west end, visit Verdicchio Ristorante Enoteca, located in an industrial park for the past 20 years this fine dining restaurant boasts an award winning wine cellar and a locally sourced seasonal menu.

Under the landscape of the Big Nickel and located inside a motel lies a participatory dining experience. At Sizzle Mongolian Grill guests handpick a variety of proteins, vegetables, starches and sauces before the ingredients are seared on a giant grill.

In the south end there’s Tommy’s Not Here, a basement restaurant with a loyal following that features something for both carnivores and vegetarians plus the ever popular baked Portobello mushroom with ingredients that change nightly.

Mom and dad were right when they said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That advice rings true at Sudbury’s iconic breakfast joints like Gloria’s Restaurant’s (est. 1957) and its famous all day breakfast and Gus’s Restaurant (est. 1952), with a vintage charm reminiscent of a family diner.

One dining experience on your bucket list should be to taste Sudbury’s version of the Italian “porchetta”, known as porketta.The method in which the savoury pork roast is eaten and prepared here has attracted much celebrated national attention. Porketta is sold over the counter at Vespa Street Kitchen, D & A Fine Meats and Tarini Brothers. For the past 30 years people have gathered at the Beef ‘N Bird tavern on a Saturday afternoon to play porketta bingo, where from April to October, the prize is a piece of the succulent meat.

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