We chatted with Lisa McNeil from the Forensics program at Laurentian University. Lisa and Dr. Scott Fairgrieve, Chair, Department of Forensic Science at Laurentian University, were an integral part of the challenge and had a key role in the Sudbury episode of Canada’s most watched television program The Amazing Race Canada which aired on August 12th.

When the show made a stop in Greater Sudbury, racers had to visit Laurentian University to complete one of two detour challenges taking place at Laurentian University.

What challenge did the racers have to complete to receive their next clue?

In Analyze, each team was assigned a "plot" and tasked with identifying ten bones and teeth in a crime scene, measure the locations and were required to properly map them on an evidence sheet. If the mapping was correct they completed the challenge and moved on, if not the teams had to go back to the drawing board.

It was interesting to see how the teams worked together and interacted; as the day progressed it was evident that the tension was rising. This challenge required that team members work together and FOCUS on the task.

What was the funniest moment during the challenge?

My favorite part was "bluffing" the teams when they were successful. I tried to use my poker face to relay their results, and when I said "Congratulations!!", and saw how happy they were, I was thrilled! I really wanted them to succeed each time they presented their results, and it was kind of difficult to turn them back, but that was the name of the game. There was a team that was there for 6 hours, and at the point, I dubbed it the Amazing Wait. But in the end I was thrilled all teams were successful, and wish them all the best.

What is your best memory of being involved with The Amazing Race Canada?

It was a great experience, and representing Laurentian University and our fantastic City of Greater Sudbury was an honor, it was, dare I say, "Amazing"?

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